H&P Consultant makes prominent Team Move

16th November 2022

One of our leading consultants in the German private practice sphere, Leonel Richard, recently assisted with an exciting team move in Frankfurt.

Leonel was able to provide this candidate with a macro-overview of the current market and after listening carefully to their requirements successfully connected them with a client. Here’s what Leonel had to say:

“This was a really rewarding move because I was able to get the best for both my client and candidate. This was a fantastic opportunity for my candidate because it meant he received a lot more freedom to expand his own team. It was equally great for my client because my candidate can start right away, and he’s really motivated to work with the other Partners in this practice around the world. I was able to give my candidate a full overview of the current market and from there it was seeing which firms would be able to meet his needs and being aware of which new possibilities my clients were open to. From there it was about seeing what my clients were also looking for and ensuring that feedback from both sides was positive.  Ultimately, this all led to a great connection for both my client and candidate.”

“This move embodies our values at Hayes & Partners. Leonel went above and beyond for his candidate and assisted his client open a new business avenue.” – Jack Hayes, Co-Founder


“We do our best to give our candidates a complete overview of the current market so they’re able to make the most informed decision moving forward.” – George Hayes, Co-Founder


If you’re looking to develop your team or unlock your potential within the German private practice market, be sure to contact Leonel and our team of market specialists.