From graduate entry to leading specialist consultant

20th May 2022

At Hayes & Partners, we’ve built a team of senior specialists who provide outstanding service to our clients and candidates. We regularly take on graduate hires who, under our comprehensive training programme soon flourish into expert consultants.

“We wanted to create a platform for young and ambitious people able to express themselves and enjoy their work. We want our young people to work alongside equally motivated individuals all driven by a desire to succeed.” – George Hayes, Co-founder

We interviewed one of our first specialist hires and now one of our senior consultants, John Andrews, about his growth at Hayes & Partners. John first joined Hayes & Partners as an associate and has now grown to be one of our leading consultants with the drive to become a Principal consultant here.

What challenges did you face when joining Hayes & Partners?

My biggest challenge when starting at Hayes & Partners was digging into the motivations behind candidates’ reasons for moving positions. At first, I admit I was a bit naïve when talking to candidates and it took me some time to learn candidate tells.

Another challenge I faced was prioritising quality over quantity. Often, I would be so eager to make connections I would lose sight of maintaining long-term connections and it meant I wasn’t as successful.

How did you overcome these challenges?

I was always sure to keep asking questions. Our management team here always make time to assist us with any queries that may come up. They have such a depth of knowledge that I really felt I was learning from the best. I was able to get some great advice on dealing with my initial candidate conversations and they were always able to provide me with useful insights.

Overcoming these challenges also meant I became much more resilient. My feedback from management was always productive and meant I was able to bounce back and keep pushing forward. There was always a clear message across the management team so I never felt like I was getting conflicting advice. I knew that if I went to Ricky he would give some helpful insights and then if I went to George about the same issue he would give me similar useful feedback.

How have you developed whilst being at Hayes & Partners?

I started as a naïve graduate fresh out of University and I’ve definitely developed a lot since then. I would say that in general I’ve become more confident and now my approach when talking to clients and candidates has become much more refined. My role at Hayes & Partners has certainly expanded too. I’m the one primarily leading our teams expansion into new geographical locations such as France and Luxembourg. And also, rather than needing the support and guidance now I’m the one offering that support and helping new recruits settle into our team which is really rewarding.

What are you looking forward to in the future?

I’m excited for Hayes & Partners to continue growing. When I started there were 6 of us and now we’re up to 17 already and I don’t doubt there’ll be 35 of us by next year. I’m looking forward to taking on more responsibilities with Hayes & Partners and becoming a Principal Consultant soon.

Be sure to reach out to John for any enquiries into the legal market across the Benelux regions.